• Johnny Lee

What an adventure

Moved to Woodys mate Kev’s place, parked under the mango and palm trees.....perfect.

Woody hired 4 wh drive and we headed for Home Valley on the Gibb river Rd , thought we might fish but the tide times were not in our favour, we set up camp at the main campsite, the other site being down on the Pentecost river .Drove up to the lookout for the sunset, was ok nothing startling.

In the morning I was up pre dawn and headed of on the Bindoors Gorge walk trail, this wound it’s way through rocky and sometimes sandy creek beds, through some sparsly treed areas, beautiful morning light allowed for some shutter button action and the gorge itself while not spectacular was quite impressive.

10 o’clock we headed for El Questro, always wanted to have a look there, first cab off the rank was Amalia Gorge, quite a challenging walk into it, in fact I didn’t make it all the way due to my frustrating balance issues but there was some beautiful photo opportunities nonetheless .

El Questro Gorge presented the next challenge, made it to the end for this one, the colours and light , water holes and streams were truly fantastic.

Moonshine Gorge , the track In was a challenge itself, the main creek crossing was nearly a metre deep, but the intrepid Woody got us through and the Gorge didn’t disssapoint.

Time to book a campsite so we headed for reception and booked a private campsite down by the river, good fishing they said. Well we pulled into our site , a 3 metre drop, steep bank to the 1 metre deep river ( crocs). Back to reception and got refund and booked into main campsite right in the main area. Had a little sleep in , packed up and had a drive to Brancos lookout, outstanding vistas all around. Then Chamberlain Gorge where you could see the ElQuestro homestead perched on the cliff top.

Back up the Gibb to Emma Gorge, easily the pick of the bunch in my view.

Back to our camp at Kev’s for a regroup and head to the Bungles the next morning.

The Bungles were the jewel in the crown, surpassing easily any of the places we had visited. The first day we visited Echidna Gorge.....average...went up to the lookout for the sunset... average..

Next morning we headed to the northern section, first stop Cathedral Gorge... bingo.... easy walk in and just spectacular at the end opening up into huge cathedral like structure with a clear pool in the centre with amazing reflections. Due to the below average wet most waterfalls were not active. From here we walked to the picture window and then back to the start point. At this northern end of the Bungles the ranges , hills and outcrops were indicative of the beehive type structures you see in the brochures, unlike the southern end .Took a lot of photos here. Must mention the road in to the Bungles was quite reasonable, better then the Windjana , Tunnel creek road we travelled on, so I guess u can be lucky. You could get to EL Questro in a car, bitumen all the way from the northern end of the Gibb, but the access roads into the Gorges were different kettle of fish, deep creek crossings and pretty rough.

Back at Kev’s camp now recuperating , we certainly trudged some kms over the last 4 days. Few more days here then time to think about Katherine and Darwin.


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