• Johnny Lee

Townsville update 2

Well we are still here, owners rang up and asked if we could sit for an extra week, trip of a lifetime for them, so we said yes.

I've cut back on the dancing, Rok n Roll Mon and Wed nights, Ballroom Tues and Sat arvos, they dance mainly New Vogue here so not a lot of dances that I know, but I showed them a few new moves..hehe.

Been out to Ravenswood, gold mining town, about 100ks out of Townsville, lots of old cars and a couple of old pubs and lots of old junk....continued on for a look at the Burdekin Falls dam, bit of a non event ....not much to see there...huge expanse of water though...

Place In Townsville called the Commons absolutely beautiful, wetlands, lots of birds, been out there regularly taking photos and generally just enjoying the serenity of the place, go early and you can catch the sunrise coming up between Maggie Island and the mainland.

Also checked out Ross River Dam, another great place for photos, lots of pelicans and the dam is surrounded by beautiful ranges.....Talking about photos ,I hate red light speed cameras......and thats all Im saying about that......

Met this lady at ballroom on Sat arvo, metioned I was into photography and she said Oh come out to my place in the morning there are hundreds of birds, so did that geez what an interesting person she was and the property was amazing, shes 78, happily married but hubby been in the wars a bit...anyway they live on 5 acres right on the Ross River, amongst rare palms and Cycads, not to mention the ten peacocks, cats a couple of gorillas, sheep a Panda, roos

and various birds, how do you keep busy i said, well we own 18 houses and a block of flats and we look after them all she replied......and just to top it off they own 5 acres in the Daintree, you and your mate can camp there no problem she said....buggar me you can be lucky..

So our tenure here finishes on the 26th Aug, when we head up to Cape trib, Woody has scored us a job on a magnificent property in the Daintree Forest, has its own waterfall and river running through the property, owner has boat and will be taking us fishing, in return for 4 hours work a day 5 days a week we get free accommodation and food, the work entails some landscaping, fruit tree pruning, giving a hand with some building work....nothing too strenuous.......he sounds like a great guy...so looking forward to that.....how it pans out will depend on how long we stay there.....

May your piece be with you......hehe


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