• Johnny Lee

The Daintree

Headed for Daintree village for a look and did a croc tour on the way, was pretty cool saw a few crocs. Time now to get on the ferry , $30 return including vehicle, then cruised up to Cape Tribulation and actually drove past till the bitumen turned to dirt which leads to the Bloomfield River (4wd only), then back we went to Cowbay, average in my book.

Time to look for a camp and finished up booking into Lync haven caravan Park, some great rainforest walks and a resident Cassowary were the highlights of this park, then a look at Myall beach and Cape Trib beach all pretty good with more spectacular rainforest walks.

Spotted a sign for insect and butterfly museum, thought ok lets have a gander, getting a bit late though, after 4.30 pm, lady just shutting up as we arrived ,but a bit of sweet talking and we're in, personal tour included.

Man that was so interesting, pretty well every bug and insect you could think of was on display and a few you wouldnt think of, the owner and insect dude that owned it was away on a collection safari, if you get up this way check it out.

Okey Dokey, back on the ferry, then finished up back at the Pinnacles caravan Park for the night.

In the morning we motored on to Mossman Gorge, now this place is a goldmine for the operators, its about 2ks from the carpark, now you can walk but they suggest the traditional owners prefer you dont and utilise the buses provided, there were literally hundreds of people there, fortunately plenty of buses to cater for it, but when you get there its like Hay st.

The main walks were on elevated platforms, so nearly everyone was doing those,but at the end there is another 2k walk over natural terrain, up hill and down dale, rocky ,bit slippery in places, and we opted to carry on to this walk and of course it was much better, not many people doing it, the scenery was amazing, they've got these trees called strangler figs. Now, birds drop seeds from this tree into the canopy, where they lodge , sometimes a 100 feet in the air, take root and send down roots to the ground.......yep all that way, then they start to wind around the host tree and eventually kill it by strangulation and there they remain.

Now we off to Mareeba and call in at Davis Creek falls ....worth a look. Woody got toothache so we back to Cairns where we spent the night and Woody got repaired in the morning, then back to Mareeba ready to go and check out Atherton Tablelands.


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