• Johnny Lee

On the Road

Picked up Woody in Hopetoun, Monday week ago, then on to Perth, ran out of fuel at Pingelly......good start

left Perth Wednesday arrived in Geraldton that evening in time to watch the sunset from the roof of Suzys bus.

Thursday we we spent the night in parking bay just out of Overlander, Woody lit fire, I cooked a feed, great night star gazing.

We hit Port Samson about 8pm Friday night, the plan was no night driving, woody had miscalculation as to where his mate lived, so we were a bit late.

Unloaded the bikes and had a Scoot out to Cossack, Karratha and then Wickham. On the Sunday Peter Brack gave us a tour of the Rio stockpile and ship loading facilities, was awesome, bit of trivia for you, the Queen is the number one ticket holder in Rio

Momday put put bikes in woodys mates shed and headed off to Millstream in the van. What a stunning area that is, Pythons Pool, Deep Reach, Cliff lookout and of course the Homestead. Tuesday we packed up and headed for Hedland , arrived about 6pm. Not a lot to see here but we staying for the races on Saturday, apparently it’s an experience not to be missed. Played 9 holes of golf this morning with Woody, nice course , greens a bit shitty though. Weather has been outstanding, high 20, s to low 30,s. let you know how the races went.


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