• Johnny Lee

Hedland races

was a great day, good crowd, but due to small fields, they only paid out on first and second. One male jockey and five female. Woody had a few bets, the bookies loved him......I took a few photos on the day, horses , crowd etc. After races headed down to water front, just 5 minutes from our new digs in Port Hedland. Stunning sunset, low tide so a few photos of the reefs, full moon so there was some nice light to play with. That took care of Saturday, Sunday morning up at 4 am off to the water for some nice morning shots, including sunrise and a young sea eagle to boot. Then fishing at 9 , Woody caught catfish, I caught ribbon fish, too bony so threw him back, then bloke up the beach a bit caught Thredfin Salmon, went up for a squiz and he gave it to me, but Woody reckoned it didn’t qualify for the tally, down to the salt stockpile for some photos tonite. That’ll be Another day done.


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