• Johnny Lee

Fitzroy to Kununurra

Bloke pulled in at our parking bay camp , showed us a picture of his truck, pulled in for a beer at Fitzroy, came out truck was gone, said wed keep an eye out for it. Got to Fitzroy just in time to do boat cruise through Geiki Gorge, due to low water levels at the time a lot more of the Gorge was visible and was absolutely stunning, contrasting whites reds and blacks. Back into Fitzroy Woody goes to shop comes out and says hey isn’t that the truck that bloke showed us, shit yeh , got all excited but it was the bloke driving it, had a yarn with him cops found it about 10 Ka down a dirt Rd, all intact. You can be lucky.

Hit Halls Creek about 2 pm, fuelled up and carried on for another 120 clicks, made camp at a station muster point just off the road, Woody lit a fire I cooked a feed, another glorious night under the stars... still no dancing......

Hit Wyndham about 11am, climbed into the Grotto, had a look 5 rivers lookout, hightailed it for Kununurra, not before a Barra pie at the bakery though.

Kununurra, booked into discovery park lake Kunnunurra about 3. Can’t believe how windy it is, dare I say a bit chilly, particularly in the morning. Sunday morning 10 k walk before brekky, then another 10 k walk into town after brekky (return). Going to do El Questro and home valley at some time and catch a Barra. Moving camp to Woodys mates place in the morning, he got a few acres just out of town.


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