• Johnny Lee

Bye bye Townsville

Woody headed off to Bloomfield on his bike via the scenic route, while I did the last week of house sit. Decided I would see a few sites on the way to Cooktown so called in to Palumo national Park, what a spin out that was ,drove up this huge mountain real winding road all rainforest type of vegetation, buggar me when I got to the top there was this little town perched right on top of the mountain.

Then it was off to Jarouma Falls for a look, quite spectacular, well worth a look, then Wallaman falls followed by the Tyto wetlands which were a bit ordinary, not much water.

Saw sign for day area 5 Mile Creek so wheeled in for a bo-peep, surprise surprise beautiful water hole crystal clear water, so a swimming I did go.

Next port of call was the Edward Kennedy Ranges , now that was different. drove in about 10 k's to a parking area and a walk trail, pulled up and went walking, well you could have knocked me over with a feather, walked about 10 metres through this rainforest and there in front of me was the ocean would have been no more than 10 metres from the edge of the rainforest.....

Got phone call from Woody, he had finished up at the property at Bloomfield River where we were lined up to work for a couple of weeks, but there was some issue with the blokes missus and her girlfriend who wanted to stay there , so Woody was told sorry mate you'll have to move on, so I had to cut my sight seeing short and meet him at Cooktown to pick him up.

Free camped the night at El Arish. Woke up and it was raining like a beauty, and continued to do so for most of the morning which saw me through Cairns arriving at Cooktown around 4pm, where Woody had us booked in at the Peninsula caravan Park.

In the morning we did a big walk to Finch bay, Cherry bay and finally Grassy Hill lookout, spectacular scenery and then a walk through the Botanical Gardens. That pretty much ended our excusions around Cooktown, so we hit the road headed for the Daintree (I was so excited). We made it to the Pinnacles caravan park at Mossman that evening and in the morning walked along the beach, got some nice shots sunrise , driftwood and palm trees.



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